Spruce Tone Films is a labor of love; a full suite production company with high-quality cinema capabilities telling timely and compelling stories.

Our goal is to aid socially and environmentally responsible organizations to find and tell the authentic, compelling stories that will inspire and develop meaningful, long-lasting relationships with their customers and supporters. We are lovers of the outdoors and you'll find us backpacking, hiking, climbing, as often as you'll find us pushing the shutter or recording sounds.



Palmer Morse

Palmer is an award-winning filmmaker rooted in activism who focuses on using the devices at hand in our visual and media culture that can drive our society to make change. His short films have been show around the world winning both awards and high praise. A Swiss Army knife of knowledge and skills, you'll often hear him planning his next shoot as often as you'll find him on set holding a camera or sitting in the editing room. Interested in stories of humans, our planet, and the interactions of the two, Palmer often works with organizations, non-profits, and brands in honing in on their mission in a visual format.

He currently lives in Oakland, California and is the Co-Founder of Spruce Tone Films.



Matthew Mikkelsen

Matt is a sound recordist, audio engineer, and documentary filmmaker. He has worked as an engineer, sound designer, and producer on several award winning documentaries, but has devoted most of his professional career to observing, recording, researching and preserving natural soundscapes.  He also serves as a board member for the non-profit organization One Square Inch, which aims to protect Olympic National Park from noise pollution. He is the owner of Hayloft Audio and the Co-Founder of Spruce Tone Films.

He currently travels the West Coast in his Sprinter Van recording sounds and taking photos along the way.


Folks We Trust

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Rachel Weinberg - Director / Producer

Rachel uses documentary and media to raise awareness of social issues and to tell the untold stories of many. She has worked with companies like Google, State Farm and Food Network; and also screened her own independent documentaries in film festivals across the US including SXSW, the New Orleans International Film Festival, and Palm Springs ShortFest. Currently, Rachel resides in Brooklyn, NY.