Being Hear

For most of his life, Gordon Hempton has been in pursuit of nature’s myriad and multi-faceted soundscapes as an Emmy-winning acoustic ecologist. During that time, he has become a master of a skill that is inarguably a dying art: listening. In Being Hear he shares insights on the constant and nuanced communications of nature, the alarming extinction of places unaffected by human activity, the way quiet can open our eyes to the larger picture and the benefits of simply paying attention to place. Silence, as he puts it, “is the think tank of the soul."

2016 // 10 min

A marvelous journey into the auditory world of nature leaving with the realization of the profound interconnectedness of all things. With this piece, the journey into sound is equally matched by the visuals.
Important, unique, story superbly told in an artful, quiet way. Powerful.
A beautiful, thought-provoking film. The subject is original yet something we should all appreciate, protect, and be grateful for.

Being Hear was named one of the "Best Short Films of 2017" by National Geographic